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Jamie Walsh

Recruiting and Business Development Associate
“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”
— Walt Disney

Professional: Focuses on search support including sourcing, company research, scheduling candidates, interfacing with clients as necessary. Partners closely with lead recruiters to drive searches to completion. Manages Kerwin’s business development process.

Jamie Walsh joined the Kerwin Associates from a previous career working in radio. Jamie spends a majority of his time supporting the recruiters in their sourcing, research and search management. He enjoys staying abreast of the legal market, developing new relationships with prospective clients, and keeping the firm connected to previous relationships. Prior to joining Kerwin Associates, Jamie produced late night talk shows and was the sound editor at 95.7 The Game. Jamie attended Menlo College, in Menlo Park, CA where he received his B.A. in Sports Management.

Personal: Enjoys devoting his time to watching and attending local sporting events with his friends and family. Loves getting out on the golf course when the sunshine permits.

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