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Scott Booth, Corporate Legal and M&A at Stripe

Scott Booth, Corporate Legal and M&A at Stripe

March 24, 2022

Tell us a bit about what you love about the corporate practice area or your role in general. I love variety -- I fly small planes and teach yoga part-time -- and corporate work really provides a similar mix of work for me. M&A, investing, and cap markets work is especially interesting because it's become an opportunity to learn about other areas like privacy, security, and integration. Using that knowledge to look at each transaction at the macro level is incredibly satisfying, especially when you're able to tie different elements together and see the interdependencies between issues. It's also incredibly helpful on the governance front when pulling everything together to update our execs and board.

What do you feel are the most interesting developments in the corporate area and for the technology industry as a whole or for your specific business/industry? I think there's a lot of interesting rulemaking on the horizon at the SEC, from private company disclosure obligations to cryptocurrency. On the latter point, I also think there's a lot of creative problem solving with equity compensation and crypto assets in the absence of definitive guidance, so I'll be fascinated to watch that space.

What advice do you wish you received when you were younger OR do you know any good lawyer jokes? I can't really land my deadpan humour on paper.

A friend of mine just tweeted this a few weeks ago and I think it's really true: "Increasingly convinced that the best negotiation strategy is to internalize your self-worth."