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Patrick Alberts, Head of Legal at Nuna

Patrick Alberts, Head of Legal at Nuna

August 18, 2022

Tell us how you got into, and what you love the most about your legal career in healthcare? While I was working in the New York City Mayor's Office, I was assigned to a team with the goal of resuming Medicaid billing for school special education health services. Along the way I learned a lot about finance, contract negotiation, and persuasive writing. I also learned about the services provided in city schools, the kids and families who depended on them, and the dedicated clinicians persevering through red tape to make it all happen. The experience of enabling crucial health services left an imprint on my professional life. Since then, my career has spanned public health, hospital administration and health-centered software development.

What are some trends you see emerging in your specific area of the healthcare industry in the next five years? Our clients stress the importance of data security more every year. Building strong relationships with our internal compliance and security teams and bolstering my knowledge of privacy laws, compliance frameworks, and our internal security system has made me a better advocate for my company’s interests and a better health lawyer.

How has your role as a lawyer in healthcare changed in recent years? As I transitioned into an in-house position over the past 3 years, my role has included more corporate operations than I ever expected. Anyone in their first in-house role should be prepared to confront duties that may not seem "legal," but continue to strive for role clarity and fidelity to your legal purpose.

What are the top three attributes that you look for when you hire? A logical approach to decision-making, organization, and skills and/or experiences that I don't have.

If you could go back and give advice to your newly graduated self, what advice would you give? It's of vital importance that you work with the right people at the beginning of your career. Look for people who reflect the values that you admire and provide an aspirational blueprint for your career.

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