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Matthew Burton, General Counsel at Modern Health

Matthew Burton, General Counsel at Modern Health

August 18, 2022

Tell us how you got into, and what you love the most about your legal career in healthcare? I’ve always been attracted to mission-driven organizations, first in government and then in the private sector. When I’ve searched for new challenges in the past, I’ve targeted tech companies with compelling missions trying to grow in traditionally heavily regulated industries. I was immediately attracted to healthtech companies for both reasons and I’ve particularly loved helping my current company achieve its important mission of making excellent mental healthcare more accessible across the globe.

What are some trends you see emerging in your specific area of the healthcare industry in the next five years? With traumatic events such as the COVID global pandemic, ongoing social injustice, and now a looming recession amplifying the need for mental healthcare, coupled with the continuing shortage of licensed providers, I anticipate that we’ll continue to see organizations looking to better support their workforces with clinically robust mental healthcare solutions that are also cost-effective.

How has your role as a lawyer in healthcare changed in recent years? Given the significant impact that laws and regulations have on the delivery of healthcare services, I’ve had the opportunity to act as a strategic business partner in addition to advising on and staying at the forefront of a changing legal landscape.

What are the top three attributes that you look for when you hire? I look for candidates who demonstrate excellent judgment, who can be an effective advocate both within the company and with external stakeholders, and who bring a deep curiosity to their role.

If you could go back and give advice to your newly graduated self, what advice would you give? In choosing early jobs, also give thought to your medium and longer term career objectives and the skills that would be helpful to develop to reach those goals. Many times, those early roles provide opportunities to develop critical skills that will pay dividends later in your career.

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