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Mary Anne Becking, VP, Corporate at Splunk

Mary Anne Becking, VP, Corporate at Splunk

March 24, 2022

Tell us a bit about what you love about the corporate practice area or your role in general. Many years into my career, I honestly feel lucky to have chosen the corporate practice area, particularly in-house. I like action, adventure and problem solving and have been able to see and do increasingly more of each of those things moving from a large law firm practice through a handful of really different in-house opportunities. Corporate lawyers see things through so many different lenses: board members, investors, the c-suite, regulators, potential plaintiffs, acquired companies. The ability to access and apply these perspectives to all sorts of problems is incredibly valuable.

What do you feel are the most interesting developments in the corporate area and for the technology industry as a whole or for your specific business/industry? As a corporate governance geek, it’s been so interesting to watch (and experience!) the triumphs, tribulations and evolution of founder-controlled companies in Silicon Valley. Looking ahead, as ESG gains traction in tech, there’s a lot of work to do to get boards up to speed on their oversight role, as well as distribution of responsibilities across various board committees. And we’re going to see even more emphasis on cybersecurity, privacy and data responsibility at the board level – at many companies today, this area merits its own committee.  

What advice do you wish you received when you were younger? I’ve learned how important it is to embrace uncertainty; shrinking from it helps no one! As I’ve built and run with teams over the years, it’s become really clear to me what a huge differentiator it is to have people around who are the first to try something new, who laugh at fear and looking foolish and admit with great confidence that they’ve never done this before, but they’ve got this.