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Letter to Clients & Candidates

Letter to Clients & Candidates

May 14, 2020

There isn’t an emotion I haven’t experienced in the past few months, from being paralyzed by fear to feeling the lightness of gratitude for my health, family, colleagues and friends. I am sure many of you have felt the same. I tell myself to take one day at a time and to stay positive. Even so, I have good and bad days. I try to feel a sense of comfort and security even when I’m anxious of the unknown. I have decided it is okay to grieve and be sad for the losses and suffering of so many.

As we settle into this new normal, I focus on gratitude and kindness. Gratitude for our ability to learn and work with some of the most interesting companies and legal minds in the world. I have found that helping individuals who have lost jobs,calling a friend who is alone during shelter in place, or being mindful ofj oyful moments or the beauty of nature has helped the heaviness of my heart. If there is anything The Kerwin Team can do to help anyone at this time, we would like to be there for you. If you have lost a job, need help with your resume,or just need an ear, please let us know. I can be reached at anne@kerwin.com and the team at www.kerwin.com.

I am so deeply grateful for my wonderful, determined and thoughtful team. We have worked collaboratively together to build teams and help individuals reach career goals. We gather every morning via Zoom and lift each other up sharing encouraging news stories, funny memes or uplifting team updates. My team has demonstrated their adaptability, remaining determined and warriors of positivity. While this is a challenging time, my hope is that through the pain and disruption, we can find strength and resolve in each other while sharing gratitude and kindness to all.

-Anne & Kerwin Team