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Carrie Darling, VP, Deputy General Counsel & Assistant Secretary at FICO

Carrie Darling, VP, Deputy General Counsel & Assistant Secretary at FICO

March 24, 2022

Tell us a bit about what you love about the corporate practice area or your role in general. I have always loved corporate law. I was a C.P.A. before I became a lawyer and corporate law was the perfect mix of my two backgrounds, business and law. Understanding the rules and engaging in the analytical problem solving process that comes with addressing complex, novel securities and corporate issues is a very rewarding part of my role. I also love being involved in the strategic decision-making process in my role and, as a result, helping to guide the Company.

What do you feel are the most interesting developments in the corporate area and for the technology industry as a whole or for your specific business/industry? There are so many interesting developments right now. I am most fascinated by the digital assets and cryptocurrency space and how it is encouraging change in the traditional banking and finance world. It is very exciting to see how new products in these areas (as well as in the AI realm) can help individuals and groups, who have historically been underserved by the traditional banking system, gain more financial access.

The other interesting development is how COVID-19 has dramatically changed the way we do business. I am thankful for technology, which allows us to connect so seamlessly online. I enjoy coming up with creative ways to engage and stay connected with my team.

What advice do you wish you received when you were younger? Do not view rejection as failure; consider it an opportunity.