Case Studies

CASE STUDY: General Counsel

  • An innovative 140 person brokerage and technology firm providing strategic benefits to hyper-growth companies was in need of a General Counsel. The ideal candidate would help lead the company as an integral part of the management team and manage all legal issues across and for the company.
  • The KA Team met with CEO, CFO and VP of Talent to discuss our executive search services. In addition to having a deep understanding of the company and role, it was incredibly important for the management team to feel comfortable that KA’s values were aligned with their company values before they would engage our services.
  • KA was engaged on the search and the first line of business was to meet with their in-house counsel to further understand the need for additional talent and get a better feel for the ideal fit.
  • KA studied the industry extensively and drafted an extensive company profile and job description.
  • Challenge: the CEO and CFO wanted to find “technology industry” talent rather than the insurance and/or benefits industry. They needed a seasoned attorney with previous management experience, deep but broad substantive legal knowledge and two successful “tours of duty” as a General Counsel. Thus, the only candidates that would be considered were candidates who currently had a General Counsel title.
  • KA extensively vetted, screened and interviewed over 100 candidates for the above qualifications; cultural fit was also a crucial factor in the search.
  • KA interfaced and communicated with the Talent Director, CFO, and CEO on weekly status calls to discuss candidates, compensation, interviews etc. Communication was pertinent to successful search because client wanted to have the challenging conversations directly with candidates.
  • KA presented candidates, organized interviews, prepped candidates and set expectations for compensation.
  • The search was successfully completed within three months. The candidate is currently fully engaged and the reports from client regarding this hire have been incredibly positive.

CASE STUDY: General Counsel

  • KA was retained by a publicly traded energy company to find a General Counsel to report to the company’s CEO, and work closely with the management team and Board of Directors.
  • Client’s ideal profile was a broad corporate generalist with public company experience and depth working with complex contracts, IP, operations and finance. Candidate also needed a J.D. from a top 20 law school and undergraduate degree from a prestigious university; MBA was preferred.
  • Key personal characteristics included a high intellect, business maturity, a subtle confidence and excellent problem solving and communication skills.
  • The challenge: Candidate needed the right personality to work in an intense environment and meld with a young, dynamic, close-knit management team. They needed to be a legal leader and risk advisor who could also be comfortable getting “in the weeds” as the sole attorney for the company.
  • KA reached out to over 200 Assistant General Counsel and General Counsel level attorneys at both law firms and corporations and several on point resumes were presented. KA and Client had weekly status call updates as search progressed.
  • After two and half months, Client identified the ideal candidate to become their new General Counsel.


CASE STUDY: In-House Counsel

  • KA had ongoing relationship with newly public software company with over $1 billion dollars in revenue.
  • Company was growing at rapid speed and commercial legal team was trying to keep up with the increasing demands of revenue and business.
  • KA was retained to find Lead Procurement Attorney to manage, centralize and build out the procurement function for the company.
  • This attorney could have been located in several jurisdictions so we were looking for talent in several locations.
  • Ideal candidate had to have extensive experience managing a procurement legal function – including handling sophisticated deal work and building and managing a team.
  • KA presented candidates in two different locations and candidate was placed within three months.

CASE STUDY: Director, Commercial Contracts

  • International, publicly-held leader in automated healthcare industry was in search of a Director of Commercial Contracts to handle high-level commercial agreements, certain industry specific contracts and strategic partnerships. The position would also have to manage a team of highly-skilled and experienced contracts managers for the company’s mainstay, revenue generating division.
  • KA worked with the Senior Director, AGC to source and vet potential qualified candidates, weighing the client’s needs against each candidate and determining what would be the best fit substantively and culturally.
  • The Challenge was that candidates needed strong commercial transactions experience and previous management experience. There was a high bar all around, but the individual who had been in the role had done an outstanding job and really set high expectations from the outset. Additionally, the company prides itself on its highly collaborative hiring decisions, and thus the candidate would have to pass muster by a resounding and unanimous decision.
  • KA thoroughly researched the company and marketplace; identified, sourced, interviewed and presented five stellar candidates that met the client’s expectations.
  • Ideal candidate was found in less than two months. The candidate and client could not be more satisfied with the outcome.

CASE STUDY: Legal Director, Corporate Governance & Securities

  • International, publicly-held leader in the technology space was in need of an experienced corporate securities and governance attorney who could handle an incredibly fast-paced environment and heavy workload. The position would work with a very seasoned , talented and lean team supporting a fortune 500 company with global operations and numerous subsidiaries.
  • KA worked with the VP, AGC to source and vet potential qualified candidates, weighing the client’s needs against each candidate and determining the best fit substantively and culturally.
  • The Challenge: The Company was undergoing major organizational shifts with a significant uptick in their corporate securities and governance obligations. Candidates needed to have substantial securities experience with a leading law firm background and a J.D. from a top tier law school.
  • KA thoroughly researched the company and marketplace. Then our senior recruiters identified, sourced, interviewed and presented 8 candidates matching the client’s specified experience who could fit the environment.
  • The ideal candidate was found within three months.



CASE STUDY: Temporary Attorney

  • KA conducted a search for an intensive full-time commercial/privacy lead role at a retail company.
  • Restructuring prevented client from hiring full-time hire and thus KA embarked on a contract attorney search.
  • Assignment was for an attorney who could work in their San Francisco offices, work independent of supervision, ten years of commercial and privacy experience.
  • Search took two weeks to complete start to finish. Brought in seasoned technology attorney who could hit the ground running and had experience with high level deal and privacy work.

CASE STUDY: Contract Attorney

  • An international cosmetics development company had just branched out of the parent company and was in search of their first attorney to manage general legal matters, the IP portfolio, and streamline the legal function.
  • KA worked closely with the CFO to find a seasoned and versatile attorney with particular knowledge in managing retail brands and developing infrastructure.
  • The Challenge: candidates needed a strong trademark and retail background, with enough experience to be able to manage all other legal functions as well. Given the current work-flow, out client could not commit to a permanent, full-time attorney. They needed an individual who would be willing to take on a contract role, but might have the ability and interest to convert to a permanent position as the company grew.
  • KA thoroughly researched the company and parent companies, as well as the target marketplace and proceeded to source and interview potential candidates and the top candidates we presented to our client.
  • The ideal candidate was placed in two months.


CASE STUDY: Corporate Counsel, Compliance

  • A startup leader in the lending space was in need of a Corporate Counsel to provide legal counseling to the company in regards to regulatory laws in addition to driving the company’s compliance program.
  • This individual would need to have worked closely with regulatory laws in order to provide our client with the sound legal advice they needed for business matters. The ideal candidate would be an incredibly quick study, have intellectual curiosity and been well trained at a top law firm.
  • The Challenge: Our client was in need of a seasoned and highly qualified individual with previous experience pertaining to lending laws such as the Gramm-leach-Bliley Act and the Fair Credit Reporting Act, as well as many others. The individuals with this experience are hard to come by in the San Francisco Bay Area.
  • Throughout the search, KA partnered closely with the General Counsel and the Associate General Counsel.
  • Our senior recruiters we able to source and interview many associates from firms that represented the financial services market. Through strategizing with the General Counsel, we came up with a creative search strategy to find candidates who had what it would take to be successful in this role.
  • After an extensive and vetting process, KA presented the top candidates to our client and set up the interviews.
  • KA was able to find the right individual within four months; this hire has exceeded the expectations of our client.

CASE STUDY: Chief Privacy Officer

  • A late-stage technology company based in San Francisco was in need of a Chief Privacy Officer to handle their global privacy policy and privacy related product issues.
  • The Challenge: Privacy concerns are an integral part of their success or failure of client’s business. Client needed a seasoned candidate who could work closely with internal stakeholders creating policy, but could also advocate for privacy reforms outside of the company. It was essential that they possess a passion for the work, and overall success of the company.
  • KA coupled their intimate knowledge of the privacy market with intensive company, industry and market research to identify, source and interview candidates. KA ultimately presented over ten highly qualified candidates which met the client’s benchmarks.
  • The ideal candidate was identified very early in the process. It took time and a collective effort between KA and the client’s own impressive management team to get this passive candidate comfortable with making a move. During this time KA continued to actively pursue other candidates.
  • KA worked closely with the General Counsel and VP of Talent through the entirety of the search.
  • The ideal candidate was placed within six months. It took a fully collaborative recruiting effort between the GC, VP of Talent and KA to find the right candidate. KA was essential on both the client and candidate sides of the negotiation and in establishing thriving relationship.
  • KA leveraged their historical knowledge of the market, and extensive familiarity with the company and culture to finalize the hire.

CASE STUDY: VP, Compliance Officer

  • Chief Compliance Officer of a prestigious SEC-registered private equity firm was in need of a VP of Compliance – an exceptional legal and compliance professional to support the company’s global compliance efforts.
  • Candidates with at least 8 years of combined legal and compliance experience in private equity space would only be considered.
  • Required in-depth knowledge of Investors Advisers Act and Securities Exchange Act and have J.D. from a top-tier law school.
  • The Challenge: Client wanted a Compliance professional with a J.D., but individual would not work in a legal capacity; and most of these niche compliance professionals were not located in California, but on the East Coast.
  • KA thoroughly researched the industry and marketplace and proceeded to identify, source, interview candidates from all over the country.
  • KA reached out to over 150 legal and compliance professionals and provided Client with 15 on point resumes. Client interviewed the top five that met their expectations and in turn presented an offer to one. Final candidate relocated from Washington D.C.
  • Ideal candidate was placed within four months.


CASE STUDY: Contracts Manager

  • International, publicly-held semiconductor company was void of legal support and outside counsel costs were high.
  • KA advised the CFO to put a Contracts Manager in place to help implement infrastructure, contract and negotiation process.
  • The Challenge: candidates needed knowledge of the semiconductor industry, depth of knowledge negotiating a broad range of contracts, and previous corporate securities experience. This candidate would be the sole in-house legal person as there was no current legal team.
  • KA thoroughly researched the company and marketplace and proceeded to identify, source, interview and present five stellar candidates that met the client’s expectations.
  • Ideal candidate was found in two months.

CASE STUDY: Senior Contracts Manager

  • A leading solar company reached out to KA to find them a Senior Contracts Manager to support their 12 attorney Revenue Team.
  • This position required 10+ years experience managing inbound and outbound customer contracts, and ability to implement and manage a contracts database. High IQ and EQ as well as excellent organizational skills were a must.
  • The Challenge: Finding a senior level Contracts Manager who would want to be the “gate keeper” of large volume of contracts in a management capacity. Some candidates felt this role would be too narrow as there was not a “negotiation” piece to the role – which many senior Contracts Managers thrive on. The candidate also needed to be the right culture fit.
  • KA sourced, screened, and interviewed Contracts Managers all over the Silicon Valley and presented ten on-point resumes to the Client.
  • Client identified ideal candidate within two months from start of search.



CASE STUDY: Paralegal

  • KA was retained by large health care company to find a Corporate Paralegal/Board Specialist to work closely with General Counsel and Board of Directors.
  • Ideal candidate needed substantial experience (10+ years) working with and supporting a Board in a variety of matters.
  • Key characteristics included business maturity, professional presence and niche Board experience as well as paralegal certificate and top education.
  • Challenges: 1) finding a Corporate Paralegal/Board Specialist interested in a narrow role – 90% of the position would focus on Board work; and 2) the position was located in San Francisco.
  • KA reached out to over 200 Corporate Paralegals and Board professionals at both law firms and corporations.
  • Fifteen on-point resumes were presented to Client; client interviewed 10 candidates via phone and 3 in-person until offer was presented to ideal candidate.
  • Search took two and a half months from inception to hire.